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TL70B: Be Prepare for the future

The TL70B light module has all the qualities of the TL70 (Small, light, gradual optical sensor and made with special automotive materials), but also allows you to be connected to your Radiotaxi. As simple as having Bluetooth and built-in GPS.


Full communication with the taximeter and the printer. (Taxitronic taximeters models TX40, TX52 and TXD30).

Accurate vehicle location with GPS and aGPS.

Installation kit for fixing with magnetic bracket or screwed bracket ..

Bluetooth connectivity to pair with most devices on the market

Innovative, small, light and streamlined industrial design.

Light sensor that automatically adjusts the intensity of LED lighting.

Prepared to signal any rate, from 0 to 9 and from A to Z

Fully uniform and visible LED lighting over long distances

Montero Morón light module

Digital electronic taxi indicator, which allows identifying the different rates applied at all times as well as the availability or not of the taxi.

Allows you to replace the bulb of the taxi sign and the set of green LEDs, without sealing. The cap has a space to house seals.

Homologated product of maximum reliability and duration. Its design guarantees maximum mechanical and aerodynamic resistance.



Bluetooth GPS BG40

The road to SMART TD

The BG40 communications equipment is the most economical option to work with SMART TD. Device with Bluetooth connectivity and GPS location to offer accurate and reliable vehicle locations and integrate your meter with Smart TD.



Card payment solution

Taxitronic has reached an agreement with Itos Technology, a company specialized in mobility and payment methods, for the integration of the new card payment device, Pinpad BP-50CL, with the Smart TD application.

IR32 Printer

You will make a good impression

The IR32 Thermal Taxi Printer is a high resolution, fast and silent device, compatible with all Taxitronic taximeters.


TC60E Safety Equipment

Tranquility in your Taxi

Being connected to a 112 alarm center gives you peace of mind. That is why Taxitronic offers you this equipment, certified to be connected to the 112 alarm centers in Madrid, Galicia and Catalonia.

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