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The importance of changing the oil and filter

It is important to change the oil and filter, so that the engine parts are properly lubricated so that they work optimally. The oil, with the passage of time, loses its properties and becomes dirty. Therefore, it is recommended to change the oil and filter in the same workshop operation. Because if you change the oil and the filter does not, the new oil will go through a dirty filter and this will last you less than it should, so you have to go back to the workshop before changing it again. The filter makes the oil circulate without impurities.

Each vehicle has a specific oil and filter, depending on the manufacturer and the car's engine. So, if you are going to change the oil and filter of the car, do not forget to look at the technical sheet of the car to know exactly which one to put. You should also consult the maintenance periods set by the manufacturer to carry it out.


When to change the oil and filter?

We have to change the oil and filter because the different parts that make up the engine must be well lubricated, to avoid having friction between the different parts that makes it not work properly, and thus reduce the wear of the parts with the friction. That is why it is essential that the oil is very clean without impurities. The characteristics of the oil must be 100% for the oil's anticorrosive function to perform its function. That is why it is so important to also change the oil filter, so that it filters the impurities and that they do not return to the oil pump tank. The oil filter in optimal conditions retains 95% of the impurities that can be dragged into it. The main function of the oil filter is to ensure that oil dirt does not enter the engine, if this happens we would have more serious failures.
So don't forget to check the vehicle manufacturer's instructions to perform the oil and filter change maintenance, which is an essential maintenance operation. As a general rule, it is changed around 15,000 km.


Why change the oil and filter?

You must change the oil and filter because if you do not do it on time, as indicated by the maintenance of the vehicle, you could have serious consequences on the engine.

What if we forget to change the oil and filter on time?

Car maintenance is important to keep it up to date, and well done to extend the life of the vehicle. Otherwise we could have serious consequences such as:

• Premature engine wear
• Breakage of the connecting rod bushings
• Noises produced by the lack of lubrication
• An arch of the cams
• And in the worst case scenario, a seizure of the motor, that is, a total lack of lubrication of the parts due to which the parts would rub so much that they end up getting stuck preventing movement. In other words, a broken engine.


How do we change the oil and filter in WETAXI ?


At WETAXI the oil and filter change is carried out by our professionals in car maintenance.

It includes:
- Oil change labor.
- Labor of changing the oil filter.
- Oil filter.

* If you need it, consult our professionals to find out exactly which one uses your vehicle.

Do not hesitate, change the oil and filter of your car in WETAXI.
We have highly qualified professionals to provide you with the best service with the best quality / price ratio. and you will get better engine performance and lengthening its life.

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