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At WETAXI we know the importance of having tires in good condition , as they are the vehicle's only point of contact with the road. Hence the importance of checking them frequently, to ensure their quality and benefits, as well as to guarantee your safety and that of your family.

Your safety depends largely on a palm-sized surface.



Proper tire pressure helps prevent premature tire wear, improves safety, allows them to last longer, and helps preserve the environment. Reviewing it is an easy task that should be done at least once a month and always before a long trip. And don't forget to check the spare wheel!

In addition, this review must be done with cold car wheels, that is, they have circulated less than 4 km at low speed. If the tires are hot when checked, add 0.3 bar to the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. It is a good idea to recheck the pressures when the tires are cold.

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And what is the recommended pressure?

You must follow the advice of the vehicle or tire manufacturer, especially regarding the conditions of use (loads / speeds, etc.)
You can find the correct amount of air for your wheels on the sides of the front doors, on the fuel tank cap or in the glove compartment, in addition to the vehicle manual.

To check the pressure of your tires, we advise you to go to a specialist center where the gauges are properly calibrated. Go to one of your nearest Euromaster workshops .

Did you know that having a lower pressure than the recommended increases fuel consumption?

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The tread depth of the tire is very important for safety, especially in the winter season. With a tread depth below the legal limit, the wheels evacuate less water than they should, with the danger of an aquaplaning effect, this occurs when the tire does not touch the ground and only has contact with water, causing us to lose control of the vehicle. According to current Spanish legislation, the minimum drawing depth is 1.6 mm. Below this measure you do not have any type of security, in addition, with this inconvenience the car does not pass the ITV and in addition, you can be fined.

To check the wear of the wheels of your car, the ideal is to have a depth gauge, if not, the tires have witnesses that help you visualize how worn they are. If the warning light reaches the same level as the drawing, it is time to change the tires and buy new wheels. Before any dua, go to WETAXI to know this data and so we can tell you how to check it.

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A blow against a curb or any other obstacle (irregularities in the asphalt, speed bumps, etc.) can affect the correct alignment of the tires and this, in turn, the behavior of your car. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out periodic checks in your workshop to guarantee your safety, in addition to improving driving, protecting tires and consuming less fuel.

Wheel alignment or parallelism, as it is also known, consists of parallelizing the axles with each other and the wheels of each axle. In addition to adjusting the different angles of the wheels following the values ​​established by the car manufacturer.

To easily detect if there is an alignment problem, you should run your hand down the tread from the outside to the inside and backwards. If you notice certain irregularities from the inside to the outside we are facing a problem of convergence or closure and if it is the opposite of divergence or opening.

We recommend changing the valves every time you have to change the tires . They are very important for the tire to maintain its tightness. It bears great pressure and will gradually wear off due to the forces generated by turning the wheel. And don't forget the valve plug, since it protects it from dust and dirt and in this way we will prolong the useful life of the tire.

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